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If you are a Perth Homeowner or Property manager in need of a Domestic Electrician, Talk to us today. You will love our affordable rates and fast, friendly service. For over 25 years we have worked in Perth homes delivering them quality electrical workmanship.

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Our Domestic Electrical Services Include

Light Fitting Installation

We can install your newly purchased light fittings including pendant lights, ceiling fans or any other type of light you need installed. We can also install power points and other electrical infrastructure in your Perth Home. We also have a range of light fittings you can choose from and can help with placement and lighting design in your home.

Ducted Air Conditioning

We specialise in Premium Ducted Actron Air Conditioners for Perth. These units are Australian Designed and built for the harsh Australian Climate. With award winning efficiency that means you save up to $900 every year in running costs when compared to foreign designed Air Conditioners.

Smoke Alarm Installation

There are legal requirements for every Perth home when it comes to Smoke Alarms. We can install smoke alarms that are hard wired into your home so you don’t have to worry about battery replacement. We know the requirements when it comes to smoke alarm installation and can ensure your family is safe and fully compliant.

Renovation Electrics

If You are renovating your Perth home you need to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. There are limitations to what you can do if you do not have your Electrical Accreditation. These limitations are in place to protect you and the occupants of your home. Let us help you with your Perth renovation electrics.

LED Downlight Installation

Recent advances in technology now mean you can have amazing LED lighting affects in your home. LED lighting enables you to alter the colour of lighting so you can have cool colours in Summer and warmer lighting in winter. There are also clever concealed LED lighting strips available on the market that we can install into your Perth Home

Electrical RCD Services

RCD Safety Switches provide excellent safety for your home. There are legal requirements for Perth homes when it comes to RCD Safety Switches. It is particularly important, especially for older homes that your RCD safety switches are installed and actively working to protect occupants from electrical surges.

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Electrical safety in the home is important for a lot of reasons. There are many instances in which an electrical device may no longer be safe to use, and many people are unaware of how to diagnose some of the most common safety threats. Without this basic knowledge people subject themselves and their loved ones to potential injury. Learning how to recognize and diagnose appliances and devices that create a potential threat can help people know when to call for the help of a Residential Electrician. It is important to recognize when some tasks are just beyond the knowledge or abilities of the average person. Some of the many ways to identify that an appliance or device is faulty may seem like common sense. However, accidents occur more often than not, because people do not regularly check for damage. If a device has ever shocked anyone, then it is no longer safe for use and should not remain plugged in. Appliances with frayed or damaged cords are no longer safe for use, either. If the plug for the outlet is broken or cracked it has become a safety hazard. The older the appliance the more likely it will have some fault to it. Many older products may even lack safety barriers that separate the connections. In some cases cords and plugs can be replaced to restore the device to good working order. If not, the item should be disposed of. If any cable or plug needs replaced on an appliance it is time to call in an Electrician. Attempting to repair a damaged or faulty appliance can be dangerous if not deadly without the proper knowledge and tools. The most complicated thing the average person should be doing with electrics in the home is changing out lights. The reasons for this are extensive. Shoddy electrical set-ups create hazards to people and their homes. Poor electrical work can easily be the source of a house fire. In fact, house-fires can even be caused by simple deterioration of the insulating material that covers electrical conductors. This is another great reason to call-in a Perth Residential Electrician to give the whole house a look-over. Many of these problems develop outside what is easily visible. Electrical problems can be harder to detect than people think. For those that aren’t, its important not to take any unnecessary risks. For those that are, such as an outlet that has stopped working, electricians can be the difference between a happy home and a catastrophe. If you need a Domestic Electrician in Perth contact DAP Electrical Perth Today.

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